First Time Home Buyer Loans in Kansas City

first time buyers loan applicationThat first home purchase can seem like a pretty daunting proposition when you’re just starting out, which keeps some potential first-time home buyers from taking the plunge and enjoying the many benefits that come with home ownership. Fortunately, first-time home buyer loans in Kansas City are designed to help new homeowners get into the house of their dreams, while also growing equity, enjoying tax benefits, and building credit.

First Fidelis Supports First-Time Home Buyers in KC

Many benefits come with owning your own home. Not only do you avoid potential increases in monthly rent and the inconvenience of leases that may not renew as expected, but you can also begin building equity in your home, see a benefit on your taxes year after year, and even start building your credit score. At First Fidelis, we help first-time home buyers by walking you through the process at a pace you’re comfortable with and taking the time to answer any questions you might have, while also making sure that we move quickly enough for you to close on the house of your dreams in a timely fashion.

Getting a first-time home buyer loan in Kansas City involves several steps, beginning with pre-qualification to determine if you’re eligible for first-time home buyer loans as well as how much you can borrow. This is followed by a pre-approval phase where specific loan amounts are calculated, along with credit checks, review of income statements, and investigating available loan programs. Lastly, we move into the final stages of formal approval, choosing a title company, and ultimately closing on your new home. And at First Fidelis, you’ll have a leading provider of first-time home buyer loans by your side for every step of the process.

Ready to Apply for a First-Time Home Buyer Loan in KC?

When you’re ready to buy your first house, you don’t want to wait around, but you also don’t want to feel like you’re being rushed through the process. At First Fidelis we work with you at your pace, but also help to ensure that closing happens as quickly as possible so that you can get all the paperwork out of the way and start enjoying the home that you’ve always dreamed of.

So if you’ve got your eye on the new home of your dreams or just want to learn more about first-time home buyer loans in Kansas City and the home buying process, contact First Fidelis today and let us help you to find the perfect loan for the perfect home.

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